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What Clients Say

Rachael F.

I have been living with pain in my left arm and wrist for over five years. I have seen many bodyworkers, doctors, alternative practitioners. NeuroMuscular Reprogramming has amazed me! After a 30 minute session with Jocelyn and two 75 minute sessions with Shana, I was able to draw for the first time in 5 years without any pain - before, during, and after. It was such a liberating experience. I am excited to continue my healing process with Healus and I highly recommend them. Jocelyn was able to identify issues in my body that no one had identified. My gratitude to them is beyond words. Thank you!

Sheryl Leighton, JD

Thank you for your patience, and for everything youíve done for me. I am so grateful to be moving smoothly from one season to the next with no arthritis-like symptoms - thatís all because of you and the great leading-edge work that you and your people are doing. You are a bright, shining light in the world of wellness. With much appreciation and warm wishes for your continued success and happiness.

Jennifer Ford

All the doctors had to recommend for my chronic neck and hand pain was a diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and surgery. I definitely didnít want to go down that road. NMR (NeuroMuscular Reprogramming) has made it possible to deal with the problem in a different way, by reprogramming the coordination system to take the pressure off the nerve. Iím so grateful to have the use of my arm and hand back.

Diane Schroeder, Athletic Coach

After years of athletic abuse resulting in limited range of motion and pain in my spine and neck, NMR has restored mobility that I thought I'd never get back. I get valuable exercises, stretches and guidance to do at home that continue to help me improve, because without them, I'd be frozen. I now come in for maintenance and am inspired to take better care of myself.

Jennifer Bouzek

Dear Jocelyn, I wanted to thank you and let you know that the work you did with me had a major effect. Last night was the first night I can remember in many years not having any discomfort in my neck. Sleep was blissful - finally I was able to find a comfortable position. I actually have more range and feel like there is more space in my neck. It was really compressed before. Wow, and thank you!

Fern Ruth

As a tennis teaching professional, I was devastated when a series of minor injuries left me unable to run and with unexplained pain in both legs. The pain was so bad that I was unable to teach tennis or even play the game I loved. After a 4 year long battle, seeing countless specialists, and undergoing two knee surgeries without any relief of the pain, I was frustrated and desperate for my body to return to normal.

I was referred to Jocelyn and the Healus Center. Jocelyn took the time to explain why my other treatments were unsuccessful and mapped out a strategy to solve the problem. Today, I am able to play tennis five days per week and will soon be returning to teaching. Needless to say, Jocelyn and her team of talented professionals gave me my life back!

Karyn Young, Founder and Director, Geronova Research

An old back injury flared up as it has over the years (for no apparent reason), but this time in the most intense way and with the most pain it had ever caused me. Days, weeks, months went by with no reprieve. Chiropractors, doctors, yoga, physical therapy, ice and heat, healers of all kinds did their best to help, with minimal and temporary relief. Prescription pain meds, considering steroid injections and even surgery - I would have done whatever it took to get out of the constant agony. My very active and physical life came to a screeching halt as standing for more than 5 minutes became excruciating.

At a party, I sat in the same chair throughout because I couldnít get up. Jocelyn, stranger at the time, settled in beside me. After I told her my story, she quite confidently offered to help. After all I had been through, I was skeptical.

Help - what an understatement. A hands-on way of healing I had never heard of. I was astounded at the changes taking place in my body after only a few sessions with her. Remarkably, I soon was able to come out of the pain. My back untwisted, unlocked and became a welcome part of my body again. A true celebration.

After the immediate distress was under control, it took some time and regular sessions to be able to integrate my body, to move freely and without fear as I had imagined and hoped. Regular and cherished monthly treatments now assure me that the desperate situation I was in wonít be repeated. Habitual, fixed body holding patterns that have not served me well (some that only now I'm aware of), are being transformed and freed, allowing me an obvious and noticeable sense of ease, balance and comfort. I am pain-free, so very grateful, and still in awe of this amazing work.

Laurie Jurkiewicz, Certified Nurse Midwife

When I came to see Jocelyn, I was a frustrated athelete. Injuries have plagued me for some time and they were getting progressively worse over time. I had several old injury patterns that persisted despite rest, stretching and lots of bodywork (physical therapy, chiropractic, deep tissue release). I was unable to do anything physical. My right shoulder would hurt anytime I lifted weights, swam, surfed, or did yoga. I couldnít run due to a persistent pattern causing bilateral shin pain. Cycling and hiking would leave me with right hip and lower back pain. It was quite a low point for me, because being physically active has always been important to me and necessary for my mental health.

After working with Jocelyn for about 2 months, I was able to take a surf trip to Mexico, pain free. I surfed daily, sometimes twice a day. I ran every day (3-5 miles). I played tennis and went sea kayaking. All of those activities caused pain before the bodywork I had at Healus.

You canít argue with those results. However, I feel what is equally important is the awareness of how my body moves. This is what is critical to keeping myself pain free. I have learned a lot about what my body needs to stay healthy. I also plan to nurture this awareness through taking classes offered at the Healus center.

I am so thankful for the great care I received from the Healus center with Jocelyn. I enthusiastically recommend it for anyone experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

Peter Vella, Intuitive

It's easy to say that I walked out of there feeling lighter - but it is more realistic to say that I walked out of there knowing, seeing, and feeling one with everything around me. I felt like the sunlight was shining through me, cleansing me and feeding me. Colors were more vivid, the air was fresher.

For the next two days I was feeling soreness in my muscles, but it was comforting. I can feel it taking me even further into connecting with myself, connecting to the molecular structure of my body. I'm a happy person, but since the NMR treatment, which was four days ago, it's not just greater happiness. I feel comfort in knowing more of myself. I'm certain that this is really who I am. Wow!

Colleen Newlin

Iíve been unable to work for 2 1/2 years due to pain. Iíve been to everyone and tried everything to deal with the debilitating pain in my back right hip and neck resulting from neurological deficits. Last year alone I spent $12,000 on treatments and chronic pain management classes.

I just spent 9 days working 24/7 at a hectic film festival, including late nights and lousy food - and Iím doing great, thanks to Jocelyn Olivier and Boris Vilner from Healus Neuro Rehab Center. My hip is 90% there; my neck has freedom, and I am out of pain. Iím so happy!

Thank you so much for the good work! You are a blessing on the planet!


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