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Jocelyn Olivier, Director
Healus Center and
Alive & Well! Institute of Conscious BodyWork

Healus Neuro Rehab Center encompasses the vision of Executive Director Jocelyn Olivier to establish a facility to serve the San Francisco Bay Area with a unique approach to muscle, joint and nerve problems.

Alive & Well! Institute of Conscious Bodywork


We assist recovery from acute injury, chronic musculo-skeletal pain, scoliosis, postural alignment problems, coordination difficulties, sports injuries, mild head injury, stroke and cognitive dyslexia. An integrated approach for complex conditions involving musculo-skeletal and neurological disorganization gets the best results. Thirty years experience combining NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR) with techniques to release
stress, shock and trauma; align and stabilize the spine; retrain the brain; enable us to achieve faster results than with any modality used alone.


NMR was created by Jocelyn Olivier. This work is available to the public at Healus Center.

NMR is a detailed and thorough structural bodywork which uses muscle testing to assess imbalances in coordination, and advanced techniques to correct dysfunctional coordination patterns at their source: the motor control center in the brain. This work is deeply effective, extremely detailed, and gets results where all else fails.




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“The therapists at Healus have transformed my body. I no longer experience chronic pain and tightness in my neck, back, or legs. I have amazing energy and am able to pursue all of my athletic interests. My body feels alive again.” - Tina Pete, San Anselmo CA


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